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Is Increased Competition for Lawyers in Campbelltown Beneficial For Clients?

Is Increased Competition for Lawyers in Campbelltown Beneficial For Clients?

In a free market capitalist system, the notion of competition is seen as one of the key drivers of success.

Without the ability to create a monopoly for a handful of major businesses, industries have to provide value for the customer if they want to earn their trust and keep their business.

Many of these same principles apply for family lawyers in Campbelltown, providing a service for people in the South-West of Sydney that they desperately need when facing litigation.

Some citizens will be daunted by the amount of operators that are in this field, but it should provide an opportunity to identify and hire the best practitioner for the cause.

Here we will open the discussion and detail why an increase in competition for family lawyers in Campbelltown is beneficial for local clients.


Greater Drive To Offer Competitive Pricing Schemes

The first key benefit that clients receive by a drive in competition for lawyers in Campbelltown is being able to access pricing schemes that are commensurate with their budget. From outlets that offer pro bono work to others that will provide hourly rates, flat fees or prices that are dependent on the outcome, these incentives are only offered to members of the Campbelltown community if firms are vying for attention and their share of the market. Legal work rarely comes free of charge and amid all of the intricacies that can delay the process and expand the bill, it is worthwhile having alternatives for counsel.


Not Accepting Court Appointed Lawyers

Individuals that are charged with an offence have the right to engage lawyers in Campbelltown, but due to financial difficulties they might have to settle for a solicitor appointed by the court. These practitioners are still professionals who have the incentive to win a case, but they are often in a position to seek an early plea and expedite the process. Many of these operators are in one of two categories: fresh out of law school and looking for experience on their resume, or semi-retired and looking to do a service for less fortunate members of the community. The higher the competition in this field, the greater the chance of utilising a specialist who has not been appointed at the convenience of the court.


More Niche Specialists

In years gone by, clients would have to settle for general lawyers in Campbelltown who covered various case profiles within their firm. Today the increase in competition has opened the way for new niche specialists to enter the market. This ensures there is comprehensive expertise for all domains of the legal system, covering the following categories of law:

  • Criminal
  • Corporate
  • Immigration
  • Property
  • Medical
  • Class action
  • Employment
  • Tax
  • Privacy
  • Food
  • Juvenile
  • Trademark
  • Advertising
  • Public
  • Banking
  • Labour
  • Real Estate
  • Civic
  • Defamation
  • Family

There will be overlapping themes from firm to firm, but the greater the focus on a core subject, the greater the opportunity for clients to have an experienced professional in their corner.


Greater Opportunity To Innovate Laws For Current Climate

Australian law at a federal, state and local level is relatively fluid. Whilst there will always be some fundamental elements that remain consistent from one year to the next, lawyers in Campbelltown can help to play a role in the innovation of the legal system. For prosecutors, new legislation has been rolled out in 2019 that immediately removes a license for a low-range drink-driving offence in NSW. Other domains around deforestation and voluntary euthanasia are currently up for debate, but to be changed there is a need for precedent, helping to shape public opinion and legislation within the halls of government.