What To Do In Case Of Loss Of Computer Data?
What to do in case of loss of computer data?

What to do in case of loss of computer data?

Businesses, especially small businesses, are particularly vulnerable to the risk of losing computer data. This type of event can have a lasting impact on the market and the results of the company. The loss of data most often results in a loss of time, stress, and nervousness, a change in the pace of work, even an absolute lack of motivation.

Fortunately, some companies have specialized in recovering computer data, for example, Ontrack, which operates anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven    days a week.

Data loss: a significant risk for the company.

Every day, hundreds of companies are shutting down because of the loss of computer data. In the absence of backup and IT risk management procedures, small businesses are particularly affected.

How many entrepreneurs have spilled their drink or cup of coffee on their laptop? How many business owners had to suffer a hardware theft or a sudden server crash? How many executives lost their data due to hardware intrusion or malfunction?

Data loss can have disastrous consequences, for example:

  • Degradation of the image of the company,
  • Momentary paralysis and decreased activity,
  • Loss of primary working documents: technical files, market studies, r & d files, aid application files, responses to invitations to tender, customer files …
  • Loss of confidential reports (contracts),
  • Impact on the teams,
  • Decreased confidence internally,


Data loss can have many causes, including:

  • A breakage or a hardware malfunction (hard disk, hardware),
  • A software problem (software bug),
  • An external event (fire, flood, water damage, strong heat …),
  • Human error caused by internal or external people (suppliers, partners …),
  • Or a malicious act (virus, theft, vandalism …).
  • Finally, data loss can affect different media:
  • Fixed and portable computers,
  • Waiters,
  • The cloud,
  • Cellphones,
  • But also the backup hardware or systems themselves: external hard drives, raid systems, and so on.

As Remy, who specializes in data recovery on RAID, servers, and NAS at VODATA , explains , the situation is sometimes complicated by the assembly of several disks.

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How to recruit with creativity?

Why combine recruitment and creativity? Do innovative recruitment methods have a future? How to create an original communication campaign to recruit? Our team gives you tips to hire creatively.

Human resources are at the heart of the company’s success. Business leaders are looking for qualified talent to hope to develop their business faster.

In an often unbalanced labor market, how to approach the profiles with high added value? Above all, how to make these profiles want to apply spontaneously?

The answer may be one of the most creative ideas in recruitment.

Recruit creatively: why is it an advantage?

Offering an original recruitment campaign has two main advantages:

1) Stand out from other job ads.

Initiating a recruitment process can turn into a real way of the cross: the influx of applications uninteresting or otherwise too rare, difficult to sort, risk of error …

In the face of competition, it will be necessary to stand out if you do not want to miss the best talent.

The goal is clearly to seduce people who might match what you are looking for. You will need to be creative to reach your target.

2) Attract talented profiles that are receptive to your corporate culture.

To recruit rare and adapted profiles, it is essential to show them that they will find within your company a culture to which they can adapt and identify themselves.

The new generation is particularly sensitive to the image of the company for which it is applying. Recruiting Generation Z members ask for a more attractive and motivating application strategy.

Show yourself the potential of what you have to offer!

How to set up a creative recruitment campaign?

Companies using innovative recruitment campaigns are more likely to succeed.

Here are some ideas for recruiting creatively:


  • Play with known cultural references,
  • Opt for offbeat storytelling by humorously portraying your brand identity,
  • Submit a contest with original and unexpected events. However, keep a severe backdrop to target the profile of candidates,
  • Create a challenge to get the job. The digital communication agency “Lost Boys” encrypted his email address in emoji rebuses,
  • Do not overdo it and bet on simplicity. In this case, you may lose the most exciting applications,
  • Target your campaign correctly to reach key profiles,
  • Be bold and use the new communication platforms according to the candidate profile you are interested in. Feel free to recruit on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Snapchat. Social networks are robust vectors of commitments on which a smart campaign will be powerfully relayed,

Involve the public in the recruitment process. Ask your community to choose your collaborators through an interactive communication campaign.

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